Imagine waking up and not feeling lost or confused.

Grow your business with confidence and a clear pathway to success.

One of my favorite moments to share about starting a counseling practice was how alone I felt. Just me behind the closed door. Graduate school prepared me in understanding how to support others in their journey of life.

I wasn't prepared for the journey private practice. My wife and I, created this course to share our failures and give you everything you need to know to build success, confidence, and most importantly happiness as you launch your private practice.


You are probably wondering what's this course going to do...

I love the question!

This course was created to help clinicians build confidence and

happiness as group practice owners.

The course gives you everything you need and more to have your version of a successful private practice.

It's not nearly as difficult as you think.


This program guides you play by play with video walkthroughs, worksheets, tools, and powerful video lessons. Features include:

Systems & Logistics

Skip past the mistakes and build structure within your business that shift it from a headache to a functioning business.

Marketing & Branding

Learn the exact steps to take to fill your practice with your ideal clients. Once you have the steps, all you have to do is repeat them to keep growing.

Confidence & Business Success

Stop running around like a chicken without it's head. Wake up with a fully operating business.

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